Find Financial Freedom by Growing and SELLING Your Shopify Store with a
NO BS Dropshipping Mentor

…and without the horrors that come with listening to fake gurus

Dear Future Successful Dropshipper,

Are you sick and tired of not knowing where to begin when it comes to launching your own dropship store?

Do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, confused and scattered with all the information that’s out there about drop shipping?

Well, you’re not alone and I know how you feel.

There is an avalanche of bad information out there being put out by broccoli-haired 22 year old ‘gurus’ on Youtube.

They claim that dropshipping is magic, will work for everyone, with little to no effort, if you just follow their ‘winning strategies’, which are actually just piece after piece of horrendously bad advice.

The truth of the matter is dropshipping is very hard and anyone who’s going to tell you otherwise is FULL OF SHIT. That alone should tell you that I’m not here trying to swindle you out of your money.

I’m here to give it to you straight.

This is not for everyone and many of you will fail, without the proper guidance of an experienced dropshipping mentor who knows how to do things in a manner that may be slower, but is more sustainable and built to sell at the end

That being said, dropshipping is still a very lucrative option if you are interested in building an actual brand.

Notice what I just said there? I used the word ‘brand’.

There’s a reason for that.

What separates successful dropshippers from the fly-by-night tadpoles living in their Mom’s basement, is that the successful dropshippers focus on building a BRAND, while the fly-by-nighters are constantly using tricks and hacks to try to FOOL customers into buying their hot trash products that won’t last more than a few months at best.

Their ‘strategy’ has no staying power, no longevity, no future and no intrinsic value that can be transferred to a buyer, when they decide to move on.

Simply put, when you’re looking for a dropshipping mentor, it’s important that you understand if that mentor has walked the walk themselves and either still do dropshipping or sold their former store successfully.

In my case, I built my store from scratch up to over $707,000 in sales without spending a single penny on paid advertising before getting acquired by a buyer.

When I decided to move on, I was able to find a buyer and sell my store.

The reason why I was able to sell it is because I built the store so that it actually could be sold in the end.

This is another reason why you have to be careful with who you listen to.

There are so many ‘gurus’ who will tell you to ‘find a winning product’ by testing new products everyday using Facebook ads like a madman, while burning through cash, not having any idea who you’re actually trying to sell to and all the while not actually building anything at all.

That ‘strategy’ is like saying if you want to get rich you should play the lottery every day until you win.

It’s absurdly stupid…

In my opinion, this is a complete recipe for disaster and leads you down the wrong road.

When you follow blind people you end up blind just like they are.

In dropshipping you don’t ‘find a winning product’…

Instead, you need to establish who your ideal audience is first, and then you curate products for that audience that solves that audience’s problems.

This is a ‘top-down’ approach to dropshipping.

You won’t hear this philosophy as much because very few people in the dropshipping space have built actual brands, let alone went on to sell them buyers.

Instead, they play footsie with ads, until they have no money left and give up. They then claim things like ‘dRoPshipPinG doEsn’T wOrK!’ and spread bad information to other tadpoles, who are trying to learn.

This game of playing with Facebook ads endlessly, hoping you strike it rich with some magical leprechaun product that ONLY YOU FOUND, is nothing more than financial arbitrage (this means they’re selling a product for more than what they paid for an ad click), combined with sheer luck.

That’s it…

There is no intrinsic value to their Shopify stores. If the ads stop, everything stops.

And worst of all, the store will most likely never be sold to a buyer when that owner moves on.

And since everyone is going to move on at some stage you want to go into this with the thinking that you are building something that eventually, one day, you can sell.

And if you don’t, you’ll end up like all of the other tadpoles who played around with Facebook ads for months or years with nothing to show for it.

They cannot sell their Shopify stores to buyers because nobody wants what they have.

This is important…

Because you should be building something that has intrinsic value, so that when you do decide to move on, whenever that is, you can shop your store around to interested buyers who will buy it from you and carry the torch for your brand and all of the hard work that you did, instead of letting your hard work die in vain.


Now, why should you give a shit about what I say?

Because after running my own Shopify store, I did exactly this.

I groomed my Shopify store along the way to be a valuable asset for a buyer and eventually sold it to my #1 direct competitor at the end.

I built my store to over 707,000 in sales without spending money on paid ads and then sold it to my number one competitor.

Dropshipping mentor review

Could I have taken it even higher?

Yes, of course…

But part of the game is knowing when to cash out, where you are in life, what other goals you have and if you need capital for other things…

I was able to sell it because I built it correctly from the beginning.

Here’s some screenshots showing how I had multiple buyers actually fighting over my store.

Sell My Shopify Store Offer Email 2

Sell My Shopify Store Offer Email 3

I then went on to sell my store to one of these HUNGRY BUYERS and walked away with a nice check when I was ready to move on from my Shopify store.

Here’s the final email from the buyer to sign the purchase agreement to finalize our deal…

Sell My Shopify Store Offer Email 1

It is now run and operated by the proud new owner, who has made it even better than before and is making a LOT of money from it, without him spending anything on paid ads.

He got a LOT of value from our deal and we both got something we wanted. He got a great deal on a new brand, and I moved on with a nice check for all my hard work.

So what’s the goal here?

The goal is to BUILD TO SELL.

Even if you’re not planning on selling anytime soon.

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So let’s talk about what I did

  • I generated over $707,000 in sales with my Shopify store without spending a single penny on paid ads.
  • I built my store to be highly transferable
  • I built my store to be conversions-focused
  • I built my store to have good margins
  • I built my store to have consistent free traffic

This is what you want!

This is what you want to do from day one.

You want to build your dropshipping store with the mentality that one day you will sell it because unless you’re going to take your store to the grave, you’ll need to do something with it at some point.

You build with the end in mind.

Now when you are considering who to trust as a dropshipping mentor, you want to keep these things in mind because there is simply a lot of bad advice out there.

With bad advice, you’ll end up with an empty shell of a store, with no actual value.

Your store will be nothing more than a rag doll that was used and abused for quick cash and then abandoned, forgotten and left for dead.

Most dropshipping coaches out there will most likely profess the “find a winning product” mantra.

This is the exact opposite of what you need to do.

There are too many hucksters and fake YouTubers parading around as entrepreneurs who really haven’t built anything of value.

All they did was launch some Facebook ads, maybe they made some quick money and now want to spread the mind virus of “find a winning product” type of advice, even if they never even made any sales before.

Just paroting something they heard from someone else.

This in turn brings more new people to repeat the exact same bad actions and get no results.

This is very bad and is just a classic case of the blind leading the blind.

So if you hear someone who’s claiming to be a dropshipping mentor and the first thing they tell you is to ‘find a winning product’, you should run for the hills! 

Instead, you need to flip that script and do the complete opposite which involves establishing your audience FIRST, understanding who your audience IS, getting perfectly clear on their PAINS, and how that audience relates to YOU personally.

Once you’ve done that, then you curate the products that that audience needs.

Because guess what?

Products come and go, but your brand shouldn’t.

This way is a brand-forward, top-down approach.

Whereas, the fly-by-nighters are hyperventilating about their bottom-up approach, which leads you down roads that make you end up looking like a general store that is competing with Amazon.

It’s beyond stupid.

What this really comes down to is that successful dropshippers build a brand and the ones that give up do not. That is what separates the successful dropshippers from the ones that claim dropshipping doesn’t work.

Let me tell you something…

The idea of dropshipping ‘working’ or ‘not working’ doesn’t exist.

It’s not like a microwave where the microwave either works or doesn’t work.

Your experience with dropshipping will work only as much as you understand what to do and how to do it, which is largely predicated on your skills, your knowledge and your grit.

If you do not understand what to do and do not care to learn what to do, it will not work.

If you understand what to do and take action, it will work.

It’s that simple.

So again…stop listening to the pimply-faced, 19-year old Youtubers who are still living with their parents telling you how to do dropshipping.

They are as clueless as can be.

Dropshipping requires serious determination and commitment.

When I first started my own dropshipping store, I was completely broke living in a small 212 square foot studio apartment in Brooklyn, New York.

I would RUN every day to the library, which was about 3 miles (5km) and sit next to smelly homeless people, while building my Shopify store.

I would then RUN back to my tiny apartment after working all day at the library.

Why did I run?

It was my way of consolidating my exercise and dropship building into the same batch of actions 😀

The point I’m making is: I worked on my Shopify store every single day around the clock until I got it to work.

Now, that took me about six months to start getting traction, because I was not running paid ads (remember, I was broke).

Some ‘gurus’ might say six months is a long time and I should have just found some way to run ads…

Out of all the people I see claiming that running ads is the first thing you do, I hear of almost nobody who is doing it successfully.

But what I do hear a lot is how everybody is losing money, giving up, confused, broke and throwing in the towel.

Sometimes the people who are running Facebook ads have been doing that for 6 months anyway with nothing to show for it!

Even though I may have taken 6 months at the beginning before getting some traction, my traffic was free and starting to build.

The people who came into my store were organic…

I was getting sales…

I was getting repeat sales from the same customers…

I kept growing it and growing it and growing it until it was producing 50K months.

So before you pay a dropship mentor, understand their philosophy on how to build a dropship store because the last thing you want to do is pay someone to tell you how to do it completely backwards.

By following these fake gurus, you’ll end up a poor brokie with wasted time and nothing to show for it in the end.

Dropshipping is a long game and you have to understand that if you are not willing to play the long game and do this for a minimum of one year (but more like three to five years), then you should not even start dropshipping.

If you’re looking for a quick buck, some extra vacation money or want to do this every other Tuesday at your leisure after watching football, then you should not start dropshipping.

You should leave this page right now and never think about dropshipping or finding a dropshipping mentor ever again.


Because you simply won’t have what it takes to do this.

Dropshipping is not for the weak.

You need to dedicate as much time as humanly possible to dropshipping, so that you can build an actual sellable brand.

If that sounds too brutal, then you should look elsewhere and not pursue dropshipping.

If you’re looking for a fly-by-night type of operation to squeeze quick money from, then DO NOT pursue dropshipping.


Got it?


if you are hungry…determined…have the time…have the passion, have interest in physical products (versus digital) and are serious about building something great, then you absolutely should pursue dropshipping because there is still plenty of opportunity for those who want to build a brand.

Many people are doing dropshipping for the wrong reasons and that’s why their stores putter out like the sad duck farts that they are.

They’re doing everything backwards and abandoning their half-baked Shopify stores when things get hard.

A large part of what makes dropshipping ‘work’ is that you already have some kind of skills online.

Now if you don’t, that’s okay, because you can learn the skills through dropshipping itself, but you’ll be at a disadvantage compared to someone who’s coming to the table with existing marketing skills.

Just know that what makes dropshipping work are your personal skills and following the advice of a good dropshipping mentor who understands the correct philosophy of how to build, grow and eventually sell a successful Shopify store to a buyer.

Dropshipping Mentor Options

So this is where I can help you…

If you want to actually build your own store with your own brand identity, then I can help you.

As your dropshipping mentor, I will give you the support you need to help you build a store that not only stands on its own but is built for longevity and sellability.

As your dropshipping coach, I will give you the hard advice that you may not want to hear but you will need to hear in order to do this correctly.

This means starting with your audience and building a brand from the top-down, not playing the lottery from the bottom-up.

So if all this sounds good to you…

I encourage you to book your free strategy call with me.

We will talk about your goals with dropshipping, what you’re looking to accomplish, and see if I’m able to help you.


  • You’re serious about building a successful dropshipping store
  • You believe in education and executing
  • You have money to invest in your education


    • You are not willing to work hard
    • You give up easily or blame others for mistakes
    • You think mentorship should be free

Book Your Call Now

Now, my mentoring is not free and you should know that right now.

So please do not book a call if you are looking for free mentorship, because that is no different than the ‘find a winning product’ unicorn nonsense.

If you understand the importance of investing in your own education, investing in yourself and have the funds to pay a dropshipping mentor who has walked the walk, then I encourage you to book your free strategy call with me and we will see if we are a good fit to work together.

We will talk about your goals with dropshipping on the call and if I think I can help you and we’re a good fit to work together then I will give you some options.

If not, then we can be friends anyway.

Dropshipping can be the vehicle to build a better life for you, your family and give you the freedom and the flexibility that you’re needing to liberate yourself from the rat race.

So, if you are serious, dedicated and have the funds to invest in yourself and your education, then book your free strategy call with me by clicking the button below.

On the next page you’ll be taken to my calendar where I’ll ask you some questions and where you can schedule a time to speak to me.

Book your call now by clicking below…

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