Shopify Store Audit: Get Your Action Plan Now

Dear Shopify store bros: Are you struggling to maximize your Shopify store’s potential? Are you looking for expert guidance to boost your sales? My comprehensive Shopify Store Audit is designed to provide you with detailed, actionable insights to transform your Shopify store and drive more sales.

My Shopify Store Audit Includes:

  • Action Plan: My Shopify Store Audit will provide an action plan, covering everything from SEO improvements to user experience enhancements, put into a Google Spreadsheet that you can work from directly to make necessary changes.
  • Recommendations: Additional recommendations such as recommended Apps and monetization strategies.
  • Expertise: Benefit from my years of SEO & marketing knowledge,  that helped me grow my store to over $707K with SEO only.
  • Support: I will answer any questions you have about your Shopify Store Audit free of charge for 30 days. Additional consulting is available as well, anytime, for my normal hourly rate.

Shopify store audit

Note: My Shopify store audit DOES NOT review your ads. This audit is for your Shopify website & SEO performance only so that you can get organic traffic through Google. I will review your Shopify store overall, the user-experience, your SEO and the overall conversion-ability of your store.

Shopify store audit review testimonial
My customers love getting audited 😉

Take the first step towards transforming your Shopify store with my expert Shopify Store Audit. Click the “Buy” button below to place your order and you’ll get your detailed Shopify Store Audit back within 3-5 business days (sometimes sooner).

Questions before buying? Contact me and I’ll help you out. Wondering who I am and why you should care about what I say? Check out my results and connect with me.

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