Dorian’s End

Dorian’s End was my band from the early 2000s. Formed in Akron, Ohio, it was a total roller coaster to put together the album that is ‘The Farthest of Reaches’. It took three years to record and produce the album due to a mishap with a hard drive in the recording studio that contained Dorian’s End’s music as well as music from other bands.

This hard drive apparently began to overwrite itself, and everyone’s music was lost. I got a call from my engineer Sean on an early November morning, telling me that it would be $20,000 for them to possibly recover the data from the hard drive, and there was a 10% chance that the data would be recoverable. Needless to say, nobody had the money for this disaster. So we continued on, re-recording everything that we had already recorded, this time with new members, and eventually, we completed the full-length album “The Farthest Reaches” by Dorians, ending in 2003.

Soon after this album was released, I moved to New York, where I was no longer active with the other musicians from the Dorian’s End album. I went on to pursue other endeavors for myself. I am very proud of this album, though it does make me cringe due to the extreme nostalgia that it brings up, as well as that kind of late 90s Emo sound that I’m not so fond of today. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the music on this album and take a look at my other music, which is much more aligned with who I am today…



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