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Mike Bonadio

Hi, I’m Mike Bonadio.

I’m a hard rocking entrepreneur and unicorn marketing consultant. I’ve generated 2M+ in sales online with SEO only. I have a natural eye for finding the weak spots in your business, fixing them and unlocking the trapped value that leads to exponential growth. As a (reformed) ‘black hat’ marketer, not only do I know what to do in your marketing efforts, but also what NOT to do that leads to serious problems such as loss of sales, performance and reputation. I’ve been featured in prominent marketing publications for my work.

My Areas of Expertise: Holistic marketing strategy. Marketing consulting/coaching. Traffic generation. SEO/CRO. Local lead generation. Dropshipping. Reputation management. Crypto and blockchain.

My results...

Shopify store audit

Grew an E-Commerce Brand from 0 - $707,766.61 in Sales (with SEO only)

Completely rebuilt a failed E-Commerce brand from scratch: I picked it up from the failing previous owner (where it was completely broken and making $0 in sales - the shopping cart wasn't even functional!), renovated the entire business model and grew it to 700K in sales without any paid advertising. I later went on to sell it directly to a strategic buyer myself without paying a broker (saved 12% of the sale on that).

Brought a NYC Business Back from the Dead (with SEO only)

I brought a local NYC business (in a cut-throat industry) back from the dead: They were closing shop and my lead generation activities (local SEO driven) turned them from dead in the water to hundreds of thousands of new business in only a year. They had to actually do a hiring spree to field all the new business I created for them. I ended up selling this asset to the client directly. This client easily banked over 1.5M in sales from my marketing efforts.

Cleaned Up a Questionable Company's Business Practices

I completely cleaned up the reputation of a Brooklyn company who’s reputation was a total dumpster fire from years of bad business practices. When I left they had customers receiving good service, were receiving positive reviews and executing better business practices overall.

What people have said...

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